African Killer Bee Removal, Africanized Honey Bee Control & Honeycomb Removal Specialists
An Africanized bee infestation is a very serious problem. African bees are potentially very dangerous and have properly earned the name African killer bees. Bee removal services should not be dabbled in or treated lightly by companies professing to provide bee eradication, bee extermination, bee removal or honeycomb removal services. Many pest control companies are inexperienced or treat a bee problem as they would any other insect problem. Many companies that advertise under bee removal services are not licensed with the Office of Pest Management, State of Arizona, or are really just pest control companies advertising under a pseudonym name.
African honeybee colonies are always dangerous to handle, sometimes lethal, and can cause tremendous damage to homes and commercial building structures if not treated properly. Improper methods worsen the damage and lead to future bee problems. Bee pheromone, a marker scent the bee colony deposits at the site, does not go away on its own and cannot simply be scrubbed away with soap and water. A passing swarm can pick up the marker from a considerable distance away and will try to re-occupy a former bee site before it will go anywhere else. Honeycomb, if not removed properly, will immediately start attracting robbing bees from other local colonies and begin liquefying and melting down. Honeycomb meltdown can saturate building materials like drywall and insulation, cause wet rot to framing structures, attract other unwanted pests and spread pheromone scent throughout your walls making the problem much larger.
We are professional beekeepers, practice bee keeping and bee control, and can testify to the number of complaints and jobs we have taken as a result of poor professional practices in the industry. Bees damage your structure and improper methods worsen the damage. When you contact a company that advertises bee services, ask a lot of questions about their experience, licensing status and about what they intend to do for the price they quote. With bee services, and to avoid bee re-infestations, like anything else, you often get what you pay for. Do not risk the disaster of a poorly done job. Call AAA Africanized Bee Removal Specialists, Inc. first and get the facts!
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